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Gattu  : Leaves A Sweet Aftertaste
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Friday, July 20, 2012
Children’s Film
Rajan Khosa
Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar
An orphan wades his way through adversity to get his desired victory over a monstrous black kite that hovers above his village at the foot of the Himalayas. The simplicity and innocence of the lead players combined with a heartwarming plot creates an adorable tale which touches the right emotional notes.

The Plot: Gattu (Mohammad Samad), a street smart village boy, works in his uncle’s scrap shop and runs errands. Like most of the kids there, his ultimate wish is to someday cut down Kali, ‘the king of kites’. With little means to support his resilient wish, he fights all odds and resorts to stealing too. On this trail, he lands up at a school which has the highest terrace in the village, it’s the closest point to realising his dream, but he has to prove that he is a student in order to get there.

The Good: The film has done really well on the international circuit. To be precise, it has won the International Jury Generation Kplus Special Mention at the Berlin International Film Festival. Film festival movies are generally branded as boring but fortunately this one moves away from the label and entertains in instalments while firmly refraining from being ponderous or preachy. The theme is inspiring and sweet as it subtly touches the emotional highs and lows of the boy without getting melodramatic. As one follows each step that Gattu takes towards his sorrow or happiness, the end leaves one with a spontaneous grin on the face.

Mohammad Samad is brilliant as Gattu and grabs your attention with his mischievous grin right from the beginning.  The character of Anees Uncle played by Naresh Kumar is well portrayed. The detailing and the rustic portrayal of the village are done in an impeccably raw manner by director Rajan Khosa. There are plenty antics of Gattu that guarantee laughter and emotional moments, enough to keep you engaged.The subtle lesson is brilliant as the school terrace may be seen as a metaphor for education being the route to reach heights of success in life.

The Bad: The main premise of the film is very minuscule and is also very predictable. But that may be overlooked if one keeps in mind the sweet messages that emanate from the film.

Overall: The film hits the mark due to its crispness and a compact approach. Your heart goes out to Gattu and this one’s for connoisseurs of simplicity.

– Pooja Thakkar
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