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I, Me Aur Main  : I, Me Aur Wannabe
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Friday, March 1, 2013
Romantic drama
Kapil Sharma
John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangda Singh
A self-obsessed, self-proclaimed immature adult doesn’t realise he is wrong until he loses his steady relationship and his job before he gets a fresh bash at life with a confident girl by his side. But are you going to hang around this insipid mess long enough to watch his change-of-heart?

The plot: Vivacious girl-next-door Gauri Dandekar (Prachi Desai) turns out to be a rebound story for Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham) after he’s been shown the door by his former live-in girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangda Singh). But the girl he’s found on the rebound turns out to be Ms Right after all. And just when life and career are on the right track, Anushka is pronounced a mom-to-be. Making the right choice between heart and owning up his responsibility as a man, finally has Ishaan growing up. About time, too.

The good: Certain nuances of the main characters are fresh and welcome, like mom-to-be Anushka offering Ishaan a sensible solution is not a very common feature in the routine women of Hindi cinema. There are moments where the film holds the audience’s attention enough to go with the flow until something silly pops up to stem it. And that happens far too often.

A completely self-absorbed hero is new to our cinema. But handling him right has gone wrong all the way. Despite half-done roles to Prachi Desai and Zarina Wahab (as Ishaan’s mother), the two along with Chitrangda, come up with acceptable performances. John who appears highly wannabe in the initial phase settles down somewhere along the way. Mini Mathur as Ishaan’s sister Shivani is fairly impactful in her first attempt at acting in a feature film.

The bad: Ishaan keeps telling himself that he is the best (didn’t Shah Rukh Khan beat him to it with that line years ago?) and fights a host of imaginary monsters. This scene which comes once in the beginning and then intermittently all through the film loses its punch right away for the multiple times it is repeated. John as Ishaan has been around for far too long to be accepted as immature, it doesn’t go with his personality. The main characters are superficially written without any substantial flesh and body. You do wonder finally, what is more half-baked: the characters or the story?

The entire screenplay oozes predictability from every frame with foreseeable problems and ascertainable reactions. A girl asking a guy to follow his heart which leads him to success and he eventually falling in love with her, is too overdone a concept to sit through and it is a large part of I, Me Aur Main. The dialogues by Devika Bhagat are naïve enough to be comic. Songs (by multiple composers) interwoven into the film serve only to increase the running time and aren’t worth a hum either.

Overall: If you value your own I, Me Aur Main time, you wouldn’t waste it out here.

– Pooja Thakkar
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