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Vicky Donor  : Victory & Honour
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Friday, April 20, 2012
Shoojit Sircar
Ayushman Khurana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor
There’s a message wrapped up with such robust humour that Vicky the sperm donor gets a thumbs up right away. Footloose Vicky Arora from Delhi is tempted into turning donor purely for the lucre but by the end a bit of selfless altruism that creeps in, hits the right emotional buttons.

The plot: It’s pure Delhi air where the generally jobless Vicky (Ayushyamann Khurrana) helps mom Dolly run her beauty parlour business and there’s his sold-on-my-puttar dadi to complete the Arora household.  This is no treacly sweet Punjabi setup as mom and dadi share an acerbic compatibility, the two winding up the nights downing a few companionable pegs. Further energising the Punjabi flavour is Dr Baldev Chaddha (brilliantly performed by Annu Kapoor), the fertility specialist on the hunt for the ideal sperm donor for his childless patients. Turns out Vicky Arora’s sperms are mint-genuine Aryan DNA, tracing back to Alexander The Great and Chaddha must lure this arya puttar into his clinic. There’s a bounce in everybody’s step as patients go home with healthy babies and there’s prosperity in the Chaddha and Arora homes. Only, Vicky hasn’t quite confessed his ‘job’ to beautiful ‘Bong’ banker Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam). Ah, after the happy baby bumps, here comes the emotional road bump.

The good: There’s plenty out here but it is three major departments that blend it splendidly. Refreshing writing (story, screenplay, dialogue Juhi Chaturvedi), topnotch direction (Shoojit Sircar gets it right after Yahaan that didn’t work at the commercial level) and spirited performances from the entire cast. Right from Vicky, Dr Chaddha and the charming Ashima to the Arora mother and dadi, they make you do a balle balle with their rambunctious Punjabi act, with a bit of ‘fishy’ Kolkata flavour thrown in. All of it brings a smile to the face and quite a few ‘ho-ho’s too.

All the bonds ring strong and true whether it’s mom and Vicky, mom and dadi, donor and doctor or Vicky and his Bong connection, without once getting emotionally diabetic. What could have turned into a raunchy sex comedy keeps its head above vulgarity with its fine writing and fabulously funny lines. Everything works, including the music (Ketan Sodha, Tanuj Tiku) which most times stays in the background, adding to the general joviality.

The bad: Nothing really. If you must nitpick, then a ‘drawback’ would be that the humour will appeal to you and me, not necessarily to the guy who can’t read this review.

Overall: Do the balle balle, John Abraham. Your first outing as producer works at all levels, especially when you’ve done a George Clooney (Ides Of March) and not cast yourself in the lead.

– Bharathi S Pradhan
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