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London Has Fallen  : Hollywood Falls Too
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Friday, March 4, 2016
Babak Najafi
Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett

Run out of ideas? Never fear, terror is here. And computer graphics are available by the ton.


Four screenplay writers combine forces to place London under siege where world leaders have congregated for the state funeral of the British Prime Minister. Every smart intelligence unit and security force is on alert but every department has also been compromised by arms dealer Amir Barkawi.


Two years ago, the US had bombed Amir’s daughter’s wedding where civilian casualties were collateral. What his elaborate network now wants is POTUS’ head quite literally. They want to behead the President of the United States on live telecast, as the ultimate revenge on America.


British cops, the Queen’s Guard, intelligence offices, all computer and satellite systems, land, air, sea, there’s infiltration everywhere as the German Vice Chancellor, the Japanese PM, and half the world leaders are all decimated.   


But with secret service agent Mike Banning as his shadow and shield, and POTUS himself a very fit man, guess who comes out of the mayhem alive?


The climax is a prolonged gun battle and a happy ending with Mike back at home to play daddy to a newborn baby.


What’s not new is the theme. Terror, special effects and saving the skin of the US President are all recycled plots. Gerard Butler with the generous jowls, gets to do all the action. Aaron Eckhart as the endangered President and Morgan Freeman as the Vice President operating from the safety of his office, are side pillars. Babak Najafi’s tepid direction doesn’t help any of his actors rise above the script. Even the humour is so last decade. Like after Mike battles an army to save the President in the nick of time, the President asks him, what took you so long? I couldn’t smile at something I’d heard a dozen times before.  And by the way, the film comes sanitised of all the ‘F’ and ‘B’ words for Indian audiences.  


For an essentially been-there-done-that kind of film, London Has Fallen gets a 2* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author
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