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Shor Se Shuruat  : Sounds Of Silence
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Friday, December 16, 2016
Amira Bhargava, Annie Zaidi, Arunima Sharma, Supriya Sharma, Pratik Rajen Kothari
Atul Kulkarni, Sanjay Mishra, Rasika Dugal, Sakshi Tanwar

An omnibus of seven short films has arrived with seven renowned directors mentoring each independent segment. The one link that binds this collection together is the theme word, Sound.


You can’t silence his voice, is the essence of Awaaz, mentored by Mira Nair and directed by Rahul V Chittella. Even if the father-son equation is a tad predictable in it, restrained Atul Kulkarni as rebel columnist Awaaz makes it watchable. Sakshi Tanwar efficiently pitches in as wife Zainab, the conduit between father and son.  


Mentor Zoya Akhtar’s Amer is directed by Amira Bhargava. 10-year-old hearing impaired Amer is cheerful. Does it get better when he can finally hear the sounds and noises around him?


Sriram Raghavan mentors Annie Zaidi’s Decibel which envisages a decibel-controlled state. If you can’t sleep and yearn for normal sounds of birds and buses, you’re a rebel.


Shyam Benegal’s Hello Hello directed by Pratik Rajen Kothari increases the volume of telecom companies and their sales pitch with a little twist.


Character artiste Sanjay Mishra plays a convict on the death row who’s being asked his last meal in Dhvani which is mentored by Nagesh Kukunoor and directed by Supriya Sharma. Is the convict’s impending fate better than the sounds around him?


Yellow Tin Can Telephone by mentor Homi Adajania and director Arunima Sharma spotlights a heightened sense of colour and sound which can be cacophonous.   


My favourite is the short and telling Mia I’m mentored by Imtiaz Ali and directed by Raj Kaireddi.  It’s all said with just one sentence at the end.


There’s humour, social comment, quirks, the works in this 2-hour omnibus. Take a ride, it’s worth checking out the diverse perspectives that come out in these short stories.


For a novel experience which is astonishing for how much can be told in so short a while, Shor Se Shuruat gets a 3* rating.  


Reviewed by

Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Columnist & Author

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