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Jism 2  : No Brain Ticks In This Body
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Friday, August 3, 2012
Pooja Bhatt
Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh, Sunny Leone
Jism 2 Movie Stills
Shedding clothes, wearing clothes, shedding clothes, wearing clothes, shedding some more...The movie finally ends but the routine doesn’t.

The plot: Adult movie actor Izna (Sunny Leone) turns willing spy after a random one night session with cop Ayan (Arunoday Singh). Hired by the Intelligence for the important task of protecting India, yes, you got that right, the country,  Ayan takes her to his crazy boss Guru (Arif Zakaria) to explain to her the mission that will save India from mass sabotage (read International Terrorism). Illogically, here too, Izna is dressed in the bare minimals.

Her task is to be the honey trap to ensnare Kabir (Randeep Hooda) who is an assassin, a patriot, a terrorist, a poet, an honest police officer, a lover, all rolled into one. Izna has to prise some prized data out of him – keep guessing what that is. Kabir is also her ex-flame who had walked out on her after a few nocturnal romps. So it’s time for sweet revenge especially when it comes with a fee of Rs 10 crore. Read that right, Rs 10 crore. Can she hoodwink Hooda or will he be the suspicious male? Suspense, suspense, but hardly nail-biting stuff.Clothes fall, people die, the film ends.The good: ? Let’s pass this one.

The bad: It hurts one’s own sensibilities to note that by signing Sunny Leone for the lead, the director/producer/ everyone struts around like they’ve cracked a jackpot. But the jackpot doesn’t translate into a fetching wardrobe as the title Jism (body) is taken rather seriously and the lack of clothes woefully fails to convert a naïve, immaturely handled story into interesting, watchable cinema.  

The film unintentionally changes its genre to comedy because of some atrocious dialogues mouthed by a bunch of freaks who breathe lust. A couple of specimens: ‘Humein khufiyaan agencies Agency ke naam se jaante hai’ or ‘Un cheeson ko hum kyun kho dete hai, jinka humein khone ke baad dukh ho’. Deep, isn’t it? Mukesh Bhatt and Shagufta Rafique deserve a special pat for such ‘intellectually uplifting’ writing.

The performances are mostly confined to the bed with a few coming off like they’re just reading the lines. The main problem is that it doesn’t even fit in the official porn category which is supposed to be unpretentious, emotionless and brainless. Jism 2 actually has pretentions of having a brain.

Take any scene, any emotion, and Sunny Leone is directed to breathe through it. Yes, breathe heavily for obvious reasons. The only switch in Sunny’s expressions is in the range of her breathing speed.

Normally a gifted actor, Randeep Hooda has nothing much to do except to look like a maniac, sing to himself and spout shayari at his hideout/home which resembles the dome of Nehru Planetarium. Arunoday is unfortunately brought in only for some over-the-top acting. Even though the previous Jism was ‘inspired’ from the movie Body Heat, it breathed more sense than this sequel.

Overall: In a sexually suppressed country like India, Sunny Leone seems to have taken a few steps backwards and Pooja Bhatt, the director, has taken a few forward to officially introduce soft porn to the Indian screen. If only it didn’t lay claims to a non-existent brain, it might’ve worked at least as erotic adult fare.

– Pooja Thakkar
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