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Makkhi  : Can’t Swat This Delightful Pest
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Friday, October 12, 2012
S.S. Rajamouli
Sudeep,Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nani
Here’s proof that a dubbed film from south India (Eega in Telugu) can go beyond testosterone heroes,   bulging biceps and flying cars. This animated story of a housefly is innovative, interesting and hopefully, inspiring for other directors.

The plot: Go through love, hate, jealousy, loss, revenge and rebirth with Makkhi. Jani (Nani) is in love with Bindu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) – his saamne wali khidki girl. But girls will be girls and she keeps him hanging for as long as two years. Meanwhile, angry young man Sudeep (Sudeep), a successful businessman and womanizer, can’t take a ‘no’ from any girl. Charmed by Bindu but charged with rage when she spurns his overtures, he does what all vile villains do – get rid of the thorn in his flesh, Jani.

Jani dies, Bindu mourns, but voila! Jani is reincarnated – as a makkhi (fly). Now he wants revenge and imagine how your life would be if a small insect decides to make it a living hell for you by continuously buzzing in your ear, while eating, sleeping, drinking and even driving. Does Jani succeed? Does Bindu ever come to know who this makkhi really is? Will Sudeep the almighty be able to swat Jani aka the makkhi out of existence once again? So many questions and so much fun getting all the answers.

The good: Was it eons ago that you left a theatre smiling, with that satisfied, paisa vasool feeling? Makkhi will bring the long-missing smile back with its wit and its inventive creativeness. The action scenes which would be yawn- yawn routine if a routine hunk were to do it, turn fabulously amusing with the insect as the hero. Children will enjoy it immensely and so will you.
With a Mogambo-like voice and brilliant acting, Sudeep the bad guy, is truly terrifying. Samantha Ruth Prabhu is pretty and does her part very well. In the small but sweet role as Jani, Nani shines bright. But full marks go to the makkhi. Pete Draper, the mastermind behind this fly, has made it appear more than just an insect. You know that the makkhi’s cute expressions and gestures are computer-fake but they still bring out all the possible sympathy for little Jani. Even the sound effects for the makkhi, the buzzing, the sad sob or its hearty laugh, will make you grin happily. The accidents, the burnings, the tantric moments and all other scenes that require any sort of special effects, have also been done with finesse.

The music by MM Kreem is beautiful and the songs are brilliant. Don’t miss the final animated song “Makkhi hoon main makkhi” to the tune of which the makkhis dance, reprising all the famous steps of Salman, Hrithik and even Akshay’s ‘Chinta ta chita chita’.

The bad: Self-styled pseudo intellectuals might feel it all silly and improbable but they’ll too suppress a grin or few. The film is predictable most times and drags a bit post-interval. The tantric’s part could’ve been avoided and a few of the scenes of the makkhi’s attempts to attack could have been edited out. But soon the film picks up again though the end could’ve been less sappy.

Overall: SS Rajamouli wows us with a unique masala from down south. Go, go, bond with the fly this weekend.

– Priyanka Ketkar
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