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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:  : The saga drags to a perfect finis
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Friday, November 23, 2012
Romantic drama
Bill Condon
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Mackenzie Foy, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli and Michael Sheen
This is it! Bella has finally turned into a vampire and ‘happily ever after’ is at last going to make more sense to the couple; or so it seems. Since no happy story is complete without its share of villains, Breaking Dawn Part 2 has its share too.

The plot: ‘I was born to be a vampire.’ Totally! Bella (Kristen Stewart), now a vampire, enjoys her new life (or non-life). Just when the Cullens are breathing a sigh of relief on getting the Volturi off their backs, the evil pack is back, this time to get Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), Bella-Edward’s daughter. It is up to the family to save the baby. Even Jacob (Taylor Lautner), who has imprinted on Renesmee, will not let the Volturi get to her. It is time to gather witnesses, to prove that no crime has been committed. Will Bella get her “forever” or will this be the end for her and the clan?

The good: It might be difficult for even Kristen Stewart to believe this but she has finally acted in some bits and she is good. No lip biting, no putting her hair behind her ear continuously and no looking permanently uncomfortable, Bella is stronger, smarter and well, ruder than usual. Robert Pattinson on the other hand is extremely disappointing. Michael Sheen as Aro is truly deadly and amongst all the Volturi he at least succeeds in evoking some fear. Lee Pace as Garrett shines in his brief role, so does Billy Burke as the truly heartbroken, shaken father, Charlie. Alice ie Ashley Greene is brilliant, as always.

The music by Carter Burwell is another winning element of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Towards the end, when Bella finally lets Edward read her mind, ‘A thousand years (Part 2)’ by Christina Perri is played in the background and goose-bumps are guaranteed. The end credit songs from Green Day, Ellie Goulding, Reeve Carney and Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed are soulful.  
Although the first half is extensively boring, the pace perks up after the break and the climax takes away the prize.

The bad: Thanks to breaking Breaking Dawn into two parts, the already slow pace of the series makes Part 2 plod along even more. Die-hard Twilight fans too, will probably curse director Bill Condon for taking out the essential feel of Twilight from Breaking Dawn Part 2 where even the much-talked-about chemistry of Edward and Bella is totally missing.

The animation, like the animatronic baby, is sometimes really good, but the scenes where Bella runs for her hunt actually look funny. Also, the makeup, especially of Robert Pattinson is disturbingly fake – actually visible is the extra white powder that has been caked on his face.

Virginia Katz’s editing is sloppy in places, especially when the A-rated scene between Edward-Bella is so hastily cut that it looks like a mistake. Also, Bella’s post-transformation histrionics and practising her powers should have been given more screen time. Some real connection between Jacob and Renesmee would have helped, but here it looks like a forced union.

Overall: Non-fans will be relieved it is finally over but for all those fans out there, in the Bella-Edward final scene, the song, the chemistry, the scenery, everything comes together wonderfully. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ends in such a manner that it gives you a feel of complete closure.

– Priyanka Ketkar

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