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Main Krishna Hoon  : Main NGO Hoon
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Friday, January 25, 2013
Animation Film
Rajiv S Ruia
Juhi Chawla, Namit Shah, Paresh Ganatra, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif
A troubled kid named Krishna finds a friend in Lord Krishna. Shades of My Friend Ganesha? It is indeed from the same director (Rajiv S Ruia) but God save us, it doesn’t exude the same charm.

The plot: Krishna (Namit Shah) is found at the doorsteps of Kantaben’s (Juhi Chawla) orphanage. Since he is found on a stormy night just like Lord Krishna, he is named Krishna. Kantaben showers him with love but doesn’t quite make up for the void parentless Krishna experiences. To add to this, Krishna is detected with epilepsy making it difficult for him to get adopted.

Upset, he gives Lord Krishna an earful and Jai Shri Krishna, there he is! The two Krishnas team up to fight evil and expose rackets from milk adulteration to child trafficking.

The good: A mix of animation and live characters, the little animation that there is doesn’t match the one in My Friend Ganesha. Juhi Chawla goes slightly overboard with her Gujarati act making it look like another Kurkure ad but she is still very charming. The animated Krishna is adorable, the real one not so much. Paresh Ganatra as Nattubhai will make the kids laugh a few times. Hrithik Roshan as himself, has a tiny role but he puts in all possible emotions to make it the most emotional scene of the entire movie.

The bad: The kids lack chemistry amongst themselves, looking like they’ve been forced to smile and be funny unlike more natural kiddie films like Chillar Party. Namit Shah has way too heavy lines to mouth, taking away the charm of a child. There are also too many issues and social messages strewn all through the way, much like an ad for an NGO. Another forced part features Katrina Kaif. She is a crowd-puller for sure and looks stunning, but her action sequence is silly and unnecessary. The worst part though is the villain and his constant “bol sara ra ra…” It is really, really annoying.

Director Rajiv Ruia should’ve stuck with one theme and continued with it instead of complicating the plot and in the process losing it completely.

Overall: Maybe a totally animated movie would have been more fun.

– Priyanka Ketkar

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