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Jo Hum Chahein  : Don’t want it guys
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Friday, December 16, 2011
Romantic comedy
Pawan Gill
Sunny Gill, Simran Mundi
A transparent shirt and standard SRK mannerisms fail to impress as a desperate attempt to launch new faces goes kaput.

The plot: Over-confident, desperate Casanova Rohan Bhatia (Sunny Gill) is called arrogant, shameless and self-centred by his girl Neha Kapoor (Simran Mundi). She’s smitten by him nonetheless. Rohan couldn’t care less about his dad either, it’s all about being rich and No 1, whatever the price may be. And a big price does loom large as he loses his love, his father and his best friend.

The good: Probably the performances by reliable actors Achint Kaur who plays Amrita Singhania, the rich, sly, single woman and Alyy Khan, who plays Vikram, Rohan’s self-centred mentor who leads to his downfall.

The bad: This one’s easy as the film fails to impress in almost every department. The acting is poor, the leads look fake and wannabe, woeful dancing skills too.
The direction and writing by Pawan Gill is as naïve as the acting, with an annoyingly predictable plot. The dialogues by Rashmi Kulkarni are trite, a collection of the cheesy one-liners probably picked up from unreadable novels.

Overall: Give this a complete miss!

– Pooja Thakkar

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