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Rangrezz  : A Dab Of All Colours
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Friday, March 22, 2013
Jackky Bhagnani, Priya Anand, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma
Three aimless lads with a good heart and a dream in the eye take on the world to bring two lovers together. Rather late in the day they realise they’ve been cheated and it’s time for revenge. But it’s also time for the audience to disconnect itself from this 143-minute kitsch.  

The plot: Rishi (Jackky Bhagnani) strikes a deal with his dad-in-law-to-be that he’ll return only when he has a sarkari naukari in his hand to get his girl Megha Joshi (Priya Anand). In the next two years, apart from his persistent efforts to land a government job, he expends energy on fighting for what’s right. And just when life seems to sort itself out, Rishi’s old friend Joy (Rajeev Chanana) needs his help. The impulsive heart-led lad decides to do all it takes to help his old buddy. His two close friends Vinod (Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakya (Vijay Verma) who don’t even know much about Joy, pitch in without question. The trio lose limbs, pots of money, even a grandmom in the bargain but with no regrets. Mission accomplished, the trio reaches for the sky to help Joy elope with his girl but it’s still only half-time and there’s a lengthy post-interval portion left for revenge and to make good their losses.

The good: Priyadarshan’s witty little touches, his interesting style of creating drama and humour simultaneously, and sending out a message too, give it a likeable pace. This time the message is on the banalities of today’s relationships. It goes down well in the first half which is entertaining and crisp. But like most films, the second half is a hotchpotch of unwanted elements which are weary. The sense of fun is thus irretrievably lost.

Rajpal Yadav as Maan Singh does a fabulous job of bringing ‘life’ to the film and there are astounding performances by Vijay Verma and Amitosh Nagpal which are worth a watch.
Jackky Bhagnani improves in his craft and all the fringe actors are also bang-on with their performances.

The bad: The second half is a drag. A lot of scenes like ‘Jalaram Caterers’ and the romantic song right at the beginning are too frivolous to hold your attention. In fact all the songs are a waste of screen time. The relationship between Jackky Bhagnani and Priya Anand which could have been interesting, is not developed with too many distractions around it.

The hiccups in the film begin when two friends go to the extent of severely injuring themselves only to get two strangers married.

There are also over-dramatized scenes which leave you wondering where it’s all heading. eg. the funeral and the suicide attempt. The whole point of spending so much money on the ‘Gangnam’ song is like having loose change left after grocery shopping, so you pick up unwanted stuff just to top it off. ‘Gangnam’ isn’t really needed but maybe Vashu Bhagnani, the producer, had some loose change left in the budget.

Overall: If you’re not a stickler for logic and length doesn’t matter, there’s enough entertainment to make it paisa vasool.

– Pooja Thakkar

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