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Point Break  : Extremely Pointless
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Friday, January 1, 2016
Ericson Core
Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Judah Lewis, Ray Winstone,

For a film that starts off with edgy extreme motocross racing over the thinnest strips of jagged mountain with a sheer drop to death on either side, there’s little adrenaline in the writing.


Johnny Utah has survived the death-staring feat after watching his friend drop off the cliff. He’ss now a rookie with the FBI.


The story’s as thin as the strip of precipitous terrain where Johnny cocked a snook at death. A bunch of new age Robin Hoods have baffled the FBI. Their heists are acts of veritable daredevilry but when they sprinkle their loot of uncut diamonds and American currency notes over poor slums of Mumbai and Mexico, the FBI can’t fathom their minds.


But Johnny figures it out. They’re extreme athletes like he was and they’re trying to perform  what’s known as Osaki’s Eight, eight extreme adventure ordeals no one has so far attempted and survived. The only way to get the criminals out is for Johnny to get into their gang.


The ease with which he walks in is part of the unbelievable naïvete in the writing. Of course Bodhi the main criminal later tells Johnny he always knew that he was a cop.


The nearly two-hour visual adventure is one death-defying leap after the other. Osaki’s eight extreme adventure steps are supposed to lead to the ultimate understanding of the beauty of nature. How criminality and the killing of security guards, cops and drivers can lead to appreciating nature’s bounty, doesn’t get a satisfactory answer as director Ericson Core simply jumps to another physically extreme ordeal.  With Ericson doubling up as cinematographer too, the visuals are stunning.


But the repetitive adventures of the gang and Johnny flying around in bat-suits or skiing off cliffs don’t bring on an adrenaline rush.


It’s also a grim sort of film where Johnny, Bodhi and gang don’t really seem to be ecstatic with the thrills. Or in blissful nirvana either.


It’s no help that Luke Bracey also doesn’t add any charisma to Johnny Utah.


For a film where your interest drops off the edge instead of keeping you on the edge in nervous excitement, Point Break gets a 2.5* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Journalist & Author


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