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Simran  : Run, She’s Crazy
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Friday, September 15, 2017
Romantic drama
Hansal Mehta
Kangana Ranaut, Catherine Dyer, Mark Anthony Justice, Robin Dyke, Evette Young

In Atlanta, the story of an edgy 30-year-old divorcee has stormy showdowns with her well-intentioned father while her mother looks on helplessly. The story is not the ‘pro-blem’. It’s also understandable when, after saving up to buy her own apartment, she turns to gambling and loses it all and more, with loan sharks at her door.


But Apurva Asrani’s credible story that gets its germ from the real-life incident of an Indian woman serving time for running up gambling debts goes as haywire as his lead character Parul Patel. From a hardworking Gujarati girl in the housekeeping department of a big hotel who lies easily to her parents, drinks and changes boyfriends, Parul degenerates into a gambler and then a thief, and Hansal Mehta’s direction nosedives along with her.


Parul has parallel lives, stringing along Sameer, the perfectly eligible Gujarati boy fixed up by her parents. And nobody’s the wiser least of all the Atlanta police. Despite a string of amateurly executed robberies with her car parked outside and her fingerprints all over the crime scenes,the cops bumble around clueless and can’t even catch up with her when they do get her.


If anybody thought Simran would be a fun film that makes a sensible point like Queen did, shelve it right there.Parul Patel is so selfishly crazy that the film offers neither comedy nor sympathy, the two essentials Hansal and Apurva strive for and fail to deliver.  


The dialogues match the clunky screenplay with mothers making theplas and an overdose of ‘so-rry’, ‘pro-blem’, ‘hay-lo’, ‘o-ffer’ and ‘stoke-market’, like the Gujarati girl we just saw and rejected in Jab Harry Met Sejal.The makers also attempt a comic swipe at America’s Islamophobia with the cops wondering aloud if the robber is from the Middle East with links to Al-Qaeda. It could’ve been humorous but with the whole film collapsing, there isn’t much to chuckle over.


There isn’t any romantic moment either with feeble scenes like Parul and Sameer going to a scenic spot and posing like the Titanic couple. It sinks like the big ship did.


The most important point is, does KanganaRanaut carry off Parul with panache? Unfortunately, there’s an over-confidence in evidence which seems unaware that her performance comes off as fake and cartoonish, without the humour.


For a film that touches neither the heart nor the funny bone, Simran gets a 2* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author
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