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Daddy’s Home 2  : Bad Moms With A Gender Switch
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Friday, December 8, 2017
Sean Anders
Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, and Will Ferrell


Barely a month ago, A Bad Moms Christmas had grandmothers adding to Yuletide chaos and passing it off as comedy. It was an excruciating Christmas.


With exactly the same premise of families, children and Christmas, directorSean Anders has dads, co-dads, stepdads and granddads run amok without arousing much mirth.  


In fact, it’s a little disturbing that just when Hollywood is cleansing itself of sexual predators and setting a balance in lopsided gender equations, here comes Mel Gibson who glibly says, ‘Men hunt and women cook.’That’s when he isn’t winking about his ‘conquests’ or teaching a young boy how to slap women on the butt. Women are the butt of Gibson’s ‘masculine comedy’ anyway, which is way out of line in the current climate.


Gibson as Kurt and Mark Wahlberg as son Dusty are the testosterone guys in this hastily cobbled family gathering to celebrate Christmas as one unit. If they’re macho, Dusty’s ex-wife’s present husband Brad and his father Don have to be the ones oozing mush. They’re so mushy that this dad and grandad keep kissing each other on the lips and that’s Anders’ comedy for you.


A schoolgirl who nonchalantly shoots two turkeys like ‘the men’, a schoolboy planting a kiss on his step-sister under the mistletoe,and a sequence with a dangerous chain-saw are written in as the laugh-aloud moments.Santa Claus sure forgot to pack humour in his sack this Christmas.


With soft men and strong men thrown together for a cliché contrast, there are the inevitable clashes. But it’s Christmas. So with snow and trees aglow, the unwieldy and unfriendly turn warm and welcoming.


Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell repeat the macho and mush roles of Dusty and Brad rather mechanically. Hilarity is a rarity when Mel Gibson’s around.


For a weak Christmas comedy that’s outdated and out-of-sync with today’s sensitivities, Daddy’s Home 2 gets a 2* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author 
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