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Bhindi Baazaar Inc.  : Mumbai’s underbelly on show
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Friday, June 17, 2011
Thriller / Drama
Ankush Bhatt
Kay Kay Menon, Pawan Malhotra, Prashant Narayanan, Gautam Sharma, Shweta Verma, Deepti Naval, Shilpa Shukla, Vedita Pratap Singh
From Bhindi Bazaar to Malabar Hill, from being a pawn to the king, and from being a mere follower to the leader, pick pocketing is the route to take for this bunch from Mumbai’s underbelly.

The plot: With Bhindi Bazaar as its backdrop, the movie takes you into the dark, unexposed, frightening realities of Mumbai highlighting the basic emotions prevalent amongst us – greed and ambition. Mamu (Pawan Malhotra) is the local don, and heads the pick pocketing gang guiding his followers on the tricks of the trade, drawing deft parallels between competitive kite flying and picking pockets. His two main aides consist of Fateh (Prashant Narayanan) and Tej (Gautam Sharma), who are in a constant race to outdo each other and ultimately conquer the top of the hierarchy. Plunge into the world of pick pocketing and you’d be surprised by the politics that takes place within.

The good: Undoubtedly, the most impressive feature of the film lies in its narrative where a of chess carried out between Kay Kay Menon and Gautam Sharma sets the story rolling. Pawan Malhotra and Kay Kay Menon once again prove their mettle as polished actors, while Prashant Narayanan and Gautam Sharma as the protagonists play their parts realistically. Shilpa Shukla and debutante Vedita Pratap Singh too are effective in their sharply sketched characters. The cinematography is simple, yet crafted well. The screenplay isn’t the kind which will keep you glued, but it is gripping nevertheless. The unapologetic approach to reality and the movie being devoid of loop holes is a welcome change.

The bad: The film somewhat reminds you of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, where greed compels a subordinate to overthrow his head. The story isn’t something that will be enjoyed by the masses while the lack of big stars only weakens its viewership. Sections of the movie are a bit too gory, like the bloodshed and the disturbing tale of how illnesses are spread to facilitate the sales of medicines. So being adult as well as strong-hearted is a must to enjoy this film.

Overall: Bhindi Baazaar Inc. in an interesting, intense, well – narrated piece of cinema. However, if you are looking for something light and entertaining, consider giving it a miss.

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