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Deadpool 2  : Dead Funny
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Friday, May 18, 2018
David Leitch
Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz

It’s an irreverent Marvel creation that worked bigtime for its sheer cheekiness. It came poking fun at everything around, including Marvel’s own franchises like X-Men. 


The first shot of the sequel too, with disfigured Deadpool and a Logan doll, is enough to start off the laughs.


And the credit titles refuse to let the laughter die down as the director is ‘One of the two guys who killed the dog in John Wick’, the cameraman is ‘Blind Al’, the writer is ‘What The F…’ and so on. 


Deadpool alias Wade is back, ready to explode. I mean, literally blast himself out of existence. He’s lost Vanessa, the love of his life whose signature line was, “Kiss me like you miss me.” Never mind the suicide attempt, with his super power of being able to regenerate himself, Deadpool returns.


Carried to safety by virtuous hero Colossus and the X-Men who play strictly by the rules like no killing anybody and no four-letter words. Come along as a trainee, Deadpool is told.


He’s got to be kidding, right? Deadpool lives by his rules and breaking rules comes easy.


Full of swagger and brio, Deadpool goes along on his first assignment. They’ve got to stop orphan Russell, gifted with fists of fire, who’s out to destroy the Principal of the orphanage. It’s run by paedophiles who torture kids.


The mission ends up with Russell looking up to him like family but Deadpool would rather be dead.


Until Cable, a hunk of steel, travels back in timehunting for Russell.


Now Deadpool must save Russell.


With Indian taxi driver Dopinder thrown into the plot, it’s a mad, crazy ride with Deadpool never once losing his disarming one-liners and wisecracks at one and all. Since Josh Brolin plays Cable, he gets called Thanos too at one time, Thanos the villain from the recently released Avengers.


Deadpool assembling his own X-Force team is another wacky sequence with only one of his team surviving -- Domino whose power is that she’s uncannily lucky.


With Cable and another mean-machine called Juggernaut and Colossus around, there’s pure mayhem.


Deadpool would be unimaginable without Ryan Reynolds’ ability to wisecrack, bone-crunch and have a heart. He joins the writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick for a continuous flow of quick comments and expletives topped with a death scene that makes you chuckle.


Like any super hero film, the action is non-stop but here the sequences are speedy, funny and many, right from the word go. 


But like all Hollywood films these days, even this irreverent team ultimately concludes that Family isn’t an F word.


David Leitch, by the way, is the director.


Verdict: For a fun super hero film that’s unabashedly adult in its profanity, and violence, Deadpool 2 gets a 3* rating.

Direction: 3.5/5

Screenplay: 3.5/5

Dialogues: 4/5

Story: 2.5/5

Music: 3/5


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author
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