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Luv Ka The End  : Luv ka good ending
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Friday, May 6, 2011
Comedy / Romance
Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah
An almost chick flick, LKTE brings you the naïve love story of the virgin-next-door and a rich Casanova with some masala catering to gen-next. Spewed with revenge, fun, thrill and innocence it gives it an oven-fresh happy end though not a conventional one.

The plot: Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) has just done her JC (Junior College) and she already fancies herself taking pheras with her charming, rich boyfriend Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah), who in turn fancies winning this contest called BBC (Bollywood Billionaire Contest), which is a rage amongst billionaire boys. He can win this contest only by getting Rhea into bed with him on her 18th birthday eve. She goes along naively until she realizes that it’s not love but points that Luv wants to score. Now out to get him by the b***s, she has a plan up her sleeve with her gal pals.

The good: Y-Films’ first film makes a fresh impact and fulfills its promise to deliver new kewl films. The cast looks new, giving it just the right feel of a bunch of crazy, college pass-outs. They are all energy personified with tailor-made realism. Director Bumpy is anyway renowned amongst the youth for his stint with the Roadies. The editor, cinematographer and costume designer all are fresh and new just like Bumpy. Ali Zafar’s charming cameo adds more freshness. Taaha is a fair surprise with his wacky emotions and his Parkour skills (evident in the ‘Mutton’ song) which might be useful in any of his future films. The humour and the dialogues make this one night ride a joyful one.

The bad: The story doesn’t have anything hard-hitting or extraordinary. The BBC contest might not appeal to an older audience. Shraddha Kapoor at times overdoes it and goes into the realm of acting instead of being natural. The music (Ram Sampat) is decent but is not much of a rage with youngsters.

Overall: An interesting afternoon watch to beat the heat this summer.

–    Pooja Thakkar

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