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Making Waves Every Month
FSJ, the smart monthly magazine with an identity of its own, stands out as an 80 page+, all colour glossy, in a stylish and international format, with superior quality paper.

What is The Film Street Journal?
It is a monthly magazine, devoted to the entertainment industry. Available all over Mumbai , India and internationally too! !

THE New LOOK Magazine
Entertainment is the big industry of tomorrow, showbiz is the scrip to back today. But where does a reader get a satisfying fill of this burgeoning industry? When the emptiness of unsubstantiated scandal stands exposed, where can you go to get authentic, believable news? That’s where The Film Street Journal steps in. The snazzy visual appeal and the racy readability combines with the substance and sensibilities of people who take entertainment as a serious industry. Celebrities and technicians, stars and makers, those who call the shots and those who dance to their tunes, everybody talks to FSJ.

Who reads The Film Street Journal?
You will. As do all the important names in the film industry and in the corporate world. FSJ is for the 20-plus reader, for anybody who dares to think like we do. Readers from all over the globe visit our website, the latest tally being 64 countries, to get authentic, exclusive and fun-to-read material on the entertainment industry.

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