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FSJ August, 2011



1. ‘O basanti _____ pagal…’ (5)
4. ‘Pallu ___ re mharo…’ Asha Bhosle in Nauker (5)
7. B-wood great Waheeda ____ (6)
10. Dev Anand’s trap/trick (4)
11. Muqaddar Ka ___: Prakash Mehra’s megahit starring Amitabh, Raakhee, Vinod and Rekha (8)
13. ___ Murugun: a western spoof with attitude – MIND IT! (5,3)
16. Dharmendra to Bobby Deol (3)
18. ‘__ __ __ __ bewafa ho gaye…’ from Pyar Ka Sagar (4,3,2,2)
20. Robber – that’s the name of three Hindi movies! (6)
21. RK’s ___ Naam Joker (4)


1. Tukaram Patil in Mumbai Meri Jaan (6,5)
2. Sadhana starrer: __ Kaun Thi (3)
3. Udit Narayan’s title song: ‘Kaho ___ pyar hai’ (3)
5. ‘___ phir jeene ki tamanna hai…’ from Guide (3)
6. Dangerous, like Sanjay Dutt and Farha movie of 1990 (9)
8. Joy Mukherjee’s Ek Baar ___ Do (7)
9. Pre-1960 Hindi movies __ Dil or __ Khatoon (3)
12. Anant ___ was seen in Yuva (3)
14. Director Nikhil Advani’s action comedy of Jan 2009 Chandni Chowk To __ (5)
15. ‘___ jab jab zulfen teriye kanwarion ka dil machle…’ from Naya Daur (3)
17. Ms Mirza of Bollywood (4)
19. ‘__ dam dand bhed…’ sang Kailash Kher in Sarkar (3)

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::Identify the 5  Hindi songs which have been translated into English lyrics::

1 Come, love of my life Come, my youthful beauty Awaits you with hope O, heartless one,  come

2 My tongue has tasted The salt of love O, yes, the salt of your love

3 Now that you have stolen my heart Don’t steal the glances off  me After you have changed my life Don’t change yourself my love

4 After eating the betel from Banaras The closed lock of wisdom opens We raise such a ruckus That we straighten out everybody’s moves O, boy from the shores of Ganges

5 There is a veil, there is a veil Behind the veil There is the veil wearer If I don’t uncover the wearer Then my name is not Akbar

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::True Or False::

1. Aruna Irani is remaking Karan-Arjun in Gujarati called Khaman-Dhokla, both the roles will be played by Rajnikant.

2. Film star Tabu is the exsaali of Vindu Dara Singh.

3. Baba Ramdev is acting in a Bhojpuri film called Main Hoon Baal Brahmachari, Tu Hai Kanya Kunwari, where he plays a Yoga student and his teacher is Rakhi Sawant.

4. Ram Gopal Varma has signed Bobby Darling as his next leading lady. The film is called Koi Nahin To Tu Hi Sahi.

5. Ex-cricketer Sandeep Patil tried his hand in films but could not make it. Now his son Chirag Patil has turned actor.

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::Find This Film::

 M  O  A  A  U
   V  K  K  A
 E  L  R  R  A

1 This banner has been giving us films for decades
2 This banner also gave us today’s superstar, Prem
3 The hero of this film is the son of a yesteryear dancing star

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