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FSJ July, 2011



1. Dave in Slumdog Millionaire (5,6)

7. A picture in a picture! (5)

8. ‘Jaane na nazar pehchane jigar…’ movie (3)

9. ‘Ghar jayegi __ jayegi…’ from Khushboo (3)

10. Shatrughan Sinha’s family drama of 1979 and also Guru Dutt’s younger brother (7)

11. Nana Patekar’s Ab __ Chhappan (3)

12. ‘__ ___ madhur chandni mein hum…’ Manna Dey in Chori Chori (4,5)

15. ‘___ bar yun bhi dekha hai…’ Mukesh in Rajnigandha (3)

16. ‘Duniya banane __ kya tere man me samayi kahe ko duniya banayi…’ from Teesri Kasam (4)

17. ‘Har dil jo pyar karega woh ___ gayega…’ from Sangam (4)

19. Riyaz Masud in Zubeidaa (5,6)


1. Rekha Golub in Salaam Bombay (5,6)

2. Chetan Anand’s Hindustan Ki ___ (5)

3. Director Rohit Shetty’s comedy Golmaal ___ (7)

4. Kodak ___: providers of photographic films (7)

5. ‘Main koi aisa geet gaaon ke arzoo jagaon __ __ __...’ from Yes Boss (4,3,4)

6. Anita in SRK’s Don (4,7)

13. ‘Main jab bhi ___ hoti hoon…’ from Dharmputra (5)

14. Animation and computer graphics, abbr (3)

18. ‘Tumko dekha to ye khayal ___...’ from Saath Saath (3)

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::Identify the 4 Hindi songs which have been translated into English lyrics::

1 Let’s leave from this turn Let’s leave from this turn Some slow paced pathways, some fast paced routes To the mansion of stone, to the houses of glass To the abodes of straw, one goes from this turn Come let’s go from this turn

2 Whether the eyes are open or closed One can see her How can I say, oh friend, how this love happens

3 You are my night, my dawn You are my day You are my god, my universe, you are my world To me, you are time, and I’m every moment for you How on earth can you ever live apart from me?

4 Addiction of girls, friend Is most intoxicating Whoever you see here Is wet in the rain of beauty In the name of love Everybody does divine love dance And when I do the same I am of loose character

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::True Or False::

1. Before Aamir Khan, Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of Lagaan, went to Shah Rukh Khan but he turned it down saying he did not like the story.

2. Dolly Bindra of Bigg Boss fame is making a film called Small Boss and The Great Khalli is playing the title role opposite her.

3. Veena Malik owns six houses in Pakistan and Ashmit Patel owns six Sulabh Shauchalayas in Mumbai.

4. Javed Akhtar was to write the lyrics of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but he walked out finding the title undesirable. And Sameer stepped into the film.

5. Dev Anand is remaking Titanic in Hindi and is playing the role played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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      T E
B K B    
Y A   A N


1 This is a children’s film.

2 Directed by a very talented writer, whose son plays the protagonist in the movie.

3 This director’s debut film was supposed to be for a huge star’s home production.

4 Halfway through that film, the hero, who was also the producer, took over the director’s chair.

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