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Bollywood Quiz
FSJ June, 2011

::Find This Film::





Hero of this film charges a bomb, but his recent films have bombed badly, including this one. He is married to the daughter of yesteryear’s super star, his mother-in-law also acted in this film

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by Dinshaw Dotivala


1. Bhola Paswan in Yeh Hai India (6,5)
7. Bombay To ___ : Amitabh’s comedy ? (3)
8. ‘Mat jaiyo ___ chodke…’ from Do Badan (7)
9. Bruce whose fighting style is envy of many a Bollywood hero (3)
10. ‘Aisa lagta hai jo na __...’ from Refugee (3)
11. Udit Narayan’s title song ‘Kaho __ pyar hai’ (3)
12. ___ dhagon ka tyohar… (5)
13. ‘Aa railee ___ railee...’ from 2nd October (3)
14. ‘Looie shama __ ooie…’ sang Nitin Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar in Kranti (3)
15. Dev Anand and Mala Sinha’s Love___ (8)
17. Movie channel __ Cinema (3)
18. ___ Mahiwal: Sunny Deol and Poonam’s legendary love story? (5)
19. ‘___ rahiyo o banke yaar…’ from Pakeezah (5)


1. Omar in Jhootha Hi Sahi (5,3)
2. ‘___ dikhlaja ek baar aaja, ek baar aaja aaja aaja…’ from Aksar (6)
3. ‘Mujhe kitna pyar hai tum se __ __ __ __ poochho tum…’ from Dil Tera Deewana (4,2,3,2)
4. ‘__ __ __ hai doston yeh kaunsa dayaar hai…’ from Umrao Jaan (2,3,5)
5. ‘Tujhe jeevan ki ___ se bandh liya hai…’ Asli Naqli (3)
6. Cameraman of Ganga Jamuna (1,4,5)
11. ‘Meri __ __ mein tum ho…’ Udit Narayan in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha (same word twice) (3)
16. ___ Satya: Govind Nihalani’s offbeat movie of 1983? (4)
17. Obstinacy of Sachin and Sarika (1976)? (3)

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::Identify the 4 Hindi songs which have been translated into English lyrics::

1. These black black eyes, these fair fair cheeks These penetrating glances, this walk of a deer Ever since I saw you darling, my state has become terrible These black black eyes, these fair fair cheeks These penetrating glances, this walk of a deer

2. Promise me that you will not leave my company Where you are, there I am also Don’t touch me, keep your hand away You are young, and young I am too

3. I am not a poet, but oh beautiful Ever since, I saw you, I have learnt to write poems I am not a lover, but oh beautiful Ever since I saw you I have learnt to love

4. While walking, just remember my these songs Never say good bye While crying or laughing, you just keep humming Never say good bye

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::True Or False?::

1. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel are acting and producing a film titled Rawalpindi Ki Bhindi.

2. Saif Ali Khan has tattooed Kareena’s name on his arm. A prankster removed R and replaced it with M.

3. TV actor Anup Soni has divorced his first wife and married Raj Babbar’s daughter Juhi Babbar.

4. Before they were married, Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff were auditioned for a film, Ayesha was signed and Jackie was rejected.

5. Sania Mirza’s cricketer husband Shoaib Malik is suffering from an illness called Tennis Elbow.

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