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FSJ May, 2011

::Find This Film::





Hero’s dad a yesteryear action director. The other hero is known for his lip service. And the third one is an idiot

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by Dinshaw Dotivala


1 Devendra Singh (cop) in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (6,5)
6 Rizwan Khan in Mission Istanbul (2008) (5,6)
7 ‘Wafa na ___ aayee tujhe o harjaee...’ sang Nitin Mukesh in Bewafa Sanam (4)
9 ___ Ketu: Shashi Kapoor and Rekha’s action thriller of 1978 (4)
12 ‘__ humne dekha...’ from Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (4)
14 The simple and straight forward hero of our movies is just trying to __ an honest living (4)
15 __ parade: the top 10 songs of the week (3)
16 ‘Doori na rahe koi aaj __ kareeb aao...’ from Kartavya (4)
17 Movies of a bygone __: very old movies (3)
19 Musical trio Shankar-Ehsaan-___ (3)
20 ‘Lagta nahin hai dil mera ...... do __ zameen bhi na mili kuch-e-yaar mein...’ (3)
21 Debut film of Sanjay Dutt (5)


1 This is done with many a hoarding when the movie is released (11)
2 Kiran Kumar, Yogita Bali movie of 1976 (a rich man, perhaps) (5)
3 Villain Gulshan ____ (6)
4 A roll of film (4)
5 Director/writer Suparn Verma’s action/thriller of 2009 which was shot in Cape Town (4,7)
8 ‘Mohabbat ki keemat ___hum karenge...’ from Bewafa Sanam (3)
10 Vinod Khanna and Meena Kumari starrer Mere ___ (4)
11 Lata’s sister (4)
13 ‘Aa ___ gagan tale, pyar hum karen....’ (4)
18 Amrita __ acted as Priya in Pyare Mohan (3)

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::True Or False?::

1. Ahana Deol is Sunny Deol’s niece.

2. Salman Khan’s father Salim was a flop actor before he took up writing with Javed.

3. Aamir Khan was once Maharashtr
a State tennis champion.

4. Guru Dutt and Sunil Dutt were cousins.

5. Aamir Khan’s dog who stays on his farm house is named Shah Rukh.

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::Identify the 4 Hindi songs which have been translated into English lyrics::

1. You met me, heart has blossomed what else do you need to live

2. You are my life, you are my every happiness You are love itself, you are passion, you are romance itself You are my life, you are my every happiness

3. It has become very difficult, I have lost my heart Will someone find and bring it for me Where can I go and lodge a complaint Will someone tell me Should I cry or laugh, what should I do

4. Don’t say anything, just say nothing What is there to say, what is there to hear I know it, you know it This moment of time has suddenly stopped And there is nobody in this moment Just I am there, just you are there

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