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FSJ April, 2013

“Whether it’s the 18 months that he was in jail or the three years that he might have to go in again, the worst have been the 20 years when he was on the edge of the sword. He was not a free man, never free mentally. He was always under pressure, anxious about his final status. So those 20 years have been the most taxing for him.

“If Sanju Sir has to go to jail again, three-and-a-half years later or whenever he comes out, he will emerge stronger than ever before. His best is yet to come. The power of Sanjay Dutt, Brand Sanjay Dutt cannot ever be diminished”

It was tense and terrible the night before the Supreme Court judgement came in. Next morning, my TV was constantly on from 9 am, my mind positive and hoping for a miracle.
When the news broke out around 11 am that the Supreme Court had upheld the earlier verdict and had sentenced Sanju Sir to a jail term of three-and-a-half years, I sat before the TV set totally in shock. I couldn’t believe the news. I went to his house one hour later.

When I reached, only his very close family and a couple of childhood friends were around him. The mood was tense and naturally everybody was upset. More than shock there was disappointment that the verdict had gone against him. The film industry people began to come in a little later.

The entire first day there was no discussion, nobody could do anything until the judgement was out. The brain doesn’t work at that point. Just the thought that he may not be around for three-and-a-half years was extremely depressing.

How was Dutt Saab himself? Sanjay Dutt is a fighter, he will fight this out and face it. Sanju Sir had been with me through 50 days of filming Sher in blazing Jaipur. The only thing he would ask from all of us was to pray for him.

One marked quality I find in him is that he is very accepting of whatever God has decided for him. He is very positive and feels, ‘What God decides I have to go through, maybe that’s my destiny. And I will face it.’

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