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Shraddha Kapoor
FSJ May, 2013


Coming from a famous film family, Shraddha Kapoor didn’t make a huge splash with her debut film Teen Patti. But she picked herself up quickly and was noticed in Y- Films’ Luv Ka The End, which did ‘decently well’ as she doesn’t fail to point out. Three years and no big hits, was there a Plan B? No, she laughs it off. Now, she’s bagged Vishesh Films’ Aashiqui 2 as the leading heroine but not without a price – she had to cancel her three-film contract with Yash Raj Films. Sure she’s taken a risk but it doesn’t show on Shakti Kapoor’s vivacious, very lively and animated young daughter. But unlike any other youngster, she weighs her words carefully without being impulsive. She denies having a no-kissing clause in her contract with the Bhatts but shies away from revealing if she has a kissing scene with Aditya Roy Kapur in Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2. Clad in a white ganji and a long green skirt, she’s perfect for summer and our tete-a-tete over black coffee with “less sugar”. Read on.   
Was it a lot of hard work or was it a breeze shooting for Aashiqui 2?

It was both, actually. Mohit is a very emotionally-driven director, he makes his movies from his heart. And he feels so much. He took us down there with him to his emotional crux. And we felt what he was feeling. He made us understand what he was feeling. Both Aditya and I really broke all those surface barriers. So that way, we had to do a lot of emotional hard work to tap that side of ourselves, to feel that love, to feel that madness in love. Once we felt that, there were certain things which just came naturally. Because we had tapped the emotional core of the film, it was a breeze. To get there was hard work.

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