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FSJ November, 2011


1. Ram and Laxman of Gol Maal (first name only) (4)
2. ‘O ___ re apna kinara…’ Kishore Kumar in Khushboo (5)
5. ‘Meri jaan tum pe sadke __ __kar do meri zindagi mein apni chaahat ka rang bhar do…’from Sawan Ki Ghata (6,4)
9. ‘Dil __ dil se kya kaha…’ Nitin Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar in Aaina (2)
10. Mehmood’s singing son ___ Ali (5)
11. ‘__ teri morni ko mor le gaye baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye…’ from Masoom (4)
12. Dave in Slumdog Millionaire (5,6)
15. Rani’s movie or Bapu’s last words (3,3)
16. ‘__ __ mubarak ho…’ Mohammed Aziz in Chirag (2,2)
19. Old time actress and singer __ Jahan (4)
20. Music director duo __ and Shravan (6)

1. ‘Boys ___ best …’ from Chura Liya Hai Tumne (3)
2. ‘___ koi aisa geet gaaon…’ sang Abhijeet in Yes Boss (4)
3. 10th __ is Hrithik’s birthday (3)
4. Ram Gopal Varma’s 2008 release starring the three Bachchans (6, 3)
6. Seen in Khamoshi – The Musical, she was Hindi movie’s most popular danseuse (5)
7. Manoj Kumar’s number in Dus Numbri? (3)
8. Ravi Dewan’s crime movie in which Vinod Kambli acted with Sunil Shetty (7)
12. ‘Chaand ___ bharega phool dil thaam lenge…’ from Phool Bane Angarey (5)
13. Same word repeated twice for Mr Menon (3)
14. Sadhna starrer: __ Kaun Thi (3)
17. Assoc Fed of Editors (3)
18. Famous studio from Chennai (3)

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:: Identify the 3 Hindi songs which have been translated into English lyrics ::

1. Heart is mad, heart is just crazy First time it introduces you Then it lights fire in your heart Slowly  slowly it teaches you love It makes you laugh, it makes you cry Heart is mad, heart is just crazy

2. Keep henna applied Keep the bridal palanquin decorated To take you o fair one Your lover will come Keep henna applied Keep the bridal palanquin decorated

3. The one I look for everywhere The one I have never met On whose love, I must have trust Where is that girl

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:: Find This Film ::



1 This is a non-starcast horror film.

2 Made by a motherdaughter team.

3 Mother’s son is an actor and husband used to be a star.

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:: True Or False ::

1. Aamir Khan’s father Tahir Hussain did a cameo in Dil.

2. The Dilip Kumar-Nimmi musical Udan Khatola was produced by its music director Naushad.

3. K Asif started Mughal-e- Azam with Sapru, Nargis and Chandramohan as Salim, Anarkali and  Akbar, but later they were replaced by Dilip Kumar, Madhubala and Prithviraj Kapoor.

4. Yesteryear actress Mumtaz was born Mumtaz Begum Jehan Dehlavi.

5. Amanulla Khan, one of the dialogue writers of Mughal-e- Azam, was the father of Zeenat Aman.

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